Newport News Routes

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Route Location

64 To Smithfield / Gwaltney and Newport News Shipyard

101 (Kecoughtan) Downtown Newport News / Downtown Hampton

103 (Shell Rd.) Downtown Newport News / Downtown Hampton

104 (Marshall) Downtown Newport News / Newmarket

105 (Briarfield) Maple Avenue & 27th Street / Peninsula Town Center

106 Newport News / Warwick Boulevard / Denbigh / Fort Eustis
Route 106 will enter a military base. A military or contractor ID is required for all passengers before entering a military installation. A security check will take place at the main gate. Failure to comply will result in being denied access to the base.

107 Newport News / Warwick Boulevard / Denbigh

108 Patrick Henry Mall / Lee Hall

110 (Thomas Nelson) Downtown Hampton / Thomas Nelson

111 (Denbigh – TNCC) Thomas Nelson / Riverside / Denbigh

112 Downtown Newport News / Patrick Henry Mall

114 (Weaver Rd.) Newmarket / Downtown Hampton

116 (Mall Hall) Lee Hall / Patrick Henry Mall Loop

121 Newport News Transportation Center / Williamsburg

Peninsula Commuter Service

403 Buckroe Shopping Center

405 NNTC / Buckroe

414 NNTC / Jefferson/Oakland

415 NNTC / Denbigh

430 Denbigh Fringe

The MAX Routes

961 Newport News-Hampton to Norfolk

966 Silverleaf Park & Ride / Newport News Transit Center

967 Virginia Beach-Chesapeake to Newport News

972 Newport News to Virginia Beach