Smart Cities & Innovation Committee

The Smart Cities & Innovation Committee (SCIC) shares, manages and evaluates smart city and innovation policies and projects, potential partnerships and funding opportunities.

The SCIC Committee meets quarterly at 12 noon on the second Thursday of the month, typically following the Operations & Oversight (O&O) Committee meeting. The meetings are often hybrid to include virtual (webinars) and in-person accommodations. Proper notice will be given when dates or location are modified.

Any questions or comments can be directed to the SCIC HRT Representative or Administrative Liaison.

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    Mission Statement

    To identify and support opportunities to deploy technologies and innovations within HRT with a goal of providing more efficient, safe and reliable transit to all of our riders and increase ridership.


    • Hon. Andria McClellan (Chair), Norfolk
    • Hon. Patricia P. Woodbury, Newport News
    • Commissioner James Gray, Hampton
    • Alt. Commissioner Carl Jackson, Portsmouth
    • Susan Vitale, City of Chesapeake
    • Denise Johnson, TRAC
    • Janice Taylor, PAC, Virginia Beach
    • Ben Schoenfeld, Code for Hampton Roads
    • Jan Lesser, INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc.
    • Dr. Mecit Cetin, Transportation Research Institute, ODU
    • Kristy Lockhart, League of Women Voters South Hampton
    • Paul Atkinson, Jr., Eggleston/PAC
    • Tiffany Dubinsky, AICP, VA DRPT
    • William Harrell, HRT President & CEO
    • Michael A. Price, Sr., HRT CIO/CTO, SCIC HRT Representative
    • Dr. Brian Smith, HRT
    • Raymond Amoruso, HRT
    • Gene Cavasos, HRT
    • Sheri Dixon, HRT
    • Kamlesh Chowdhary, HRT
    • Steven Florian, HRT
    • Shelia Gulledge, HRT SCIC Administrative Liaison

    * The schedule for the quarterly Smart Cities & Innovation Committee (SCIC) meetings will be at noon on the second Thursday following Operations & Oversight Committee meetings.

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