Accountability Center

Hampton Roads Transit’s Accountability Center provides our riders, the public, and our stakeholders with monthly data and information on the service quality and service levels of our transit agency and transit services.

Goals and Objectives
  1. Provide a high-quality service that is easy to use and enhances people’s lives.
  2. Foster regional quality of life and economic vitality.
  3. Ensure financial stewardship and cost-effective operations.
  4. Build a culture for innovation and workforce success to ensure HRT remains relevant to the dynamic needs of the region.

HRT Goals and Objectives

Peer Comparisons
Strategic Initiatives and Accomplishments
Performance Reporting

Customer Research
Quarterly Updates

“To connect Hampton Roads with transportation solutions that are reliable, safe, efficient and sustainable.”


“A progressive mobility agency that promotes prosperity across Hampton Roads through collaboration and teamwork.”


“We strive for safety excellence across all areas of our business.”

Customer Service

“We’re committed to professional, courteous and dependable service.”

Workforce Success

“We’re committed to effective hiring, training, and ongoing success of every team member.”

Fiscal Responsibility

“We’re dedicated to diligent stewardship that is accountable, transparent, and delivers the most value for our customers and funding partners.”

Plans and Reports

This section provides current and past reports that highlight HRT’s financial performance and plans for projects and services.