Base Express

Introducing Base Express, a free service from Hampton Roads Transit.

New Blue and Gold routes will connect personnel to many major destinations, including the ship piers, the Aquatics Center, and locations along Decatur Avenue, Massey Hughes Drive, and Gilbert Street.

HRT’s Base Express service is free.
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The Gold Route originates at the HRT bus stop by the Navy Exchange and operates along portions of Maryland Avenue, Dillingham Boulevard, and Gilbert Street.

  • Monday-Friday from 0600-1800
    Every 30 minutes
  • Saturday-Sunday 0900-1800
    Every 30 minutes

The Blue Route starts at the Gilbert and First Avenue bus stop and provides frequent weekday service along Virginia Avenue, the piers, and Towway Drive.

  • Monday-Friday from 0600-1800
    Every 15 minutes
  • No weekends

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