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Use our new “Am I Clean” tool to quickly and easily report any observations at your stop. Using your cellphone, scan the QR code from the “Am I Clean” sign, you will be directed to our website where you can enter what you’re seeing.

Your feedback will allow HRT to better utilize our cleaning services and provide more informed data for making critical improvements throughout the transit system.

How It Works

Scan the QR code.


Find your stop number.


Enter the stop number
& let us know what you’re seeing.


Need Help?

What is a QR code?
A QR Code is a machine-readable barcode that can contain information about the item to which it is attached. Our QR code points to our website: as a quick and easy way to find the "Am I Clean" form. Learn more about QR codes.
Where do I get a QR code scanner?
Most modern smart phones (ex: Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.) have QR code readers built right into their default camera applications. If your device does not have this feature, there are many applications downloadable within the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
I'm on the website, but I don't see where I can enter my observations...
The "Am I Clean" campaign is limited to submissions from mobile devices. To have the most accurate data, we're asking for only submissions while you're out at our stops so that your observations are exactly what you're seeing, not what you remembered from a previous time.
I am still having issues with QR codes and still want to report what I'm seeing...
Please call Customer Service (757) 222-6100 for direct assistance.
The QR code is not working or is not taking me to
Please call Customer Service (757) 222-6100 to report this issue.