Transit Apps

Third-Party Developments

Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) is providing real-time data on an experimental basis. Below, you can find some of the applications that have already been created for HRT riders.

Please keep in mind that HRT did not create the applications below and makes no claim about their accuracy. HRT is not responsible for any virus, damage, or issue arising from the use of these apps. If they cause damage to your device, HRT is not responsible – HRT does not provide support for these applications. Proceed with care and understand any usage charges that may apply to you. HRT reserves the right to remove or modify this real-time data listing without notice. Please contact the developer of the listed third-party apps with any concerns or issues.

Check the reviews before downloading or using any third-party transit app.


Developers, who are interested in using HRT’s data, can download the GTFS data:

Bus Finder

HRT Bus Finder

HRT Bus Finder was developed by volunteers from Code for Hampton Roads in cooperation with Hampton Roads Transit. For help using this app or to answer any questions, contact Code for Hampton Roads.
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Wherever you are, just pull Transit out of your pocket and quickly know when the next bus or train is arriving. Not sure what’s the fastest way? Use our easy-to-use trip planner to find your way.
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