Virginia Beach Routes

• VB Wave Routes 30, 31, 35:
VB Wave is HRT’s easy way to get around the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Check out schedules, fares, destinations and more.

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Route Connects with Light Rail Station:

  • (NRS) = Route connects The Tide at the Newtown Road light rail station
  • (MHS) = Route connects The Tide at the Military Highway light rail station

Route Location

1 Downtown Norfolk Pembroke East

12 South Norfolk/TCC – Virginia Beach

15 Evelyn Butts to Robert Hall / Greenbrier Mall (MHS)

20 Downtown Norfolk / Virginia Beach Oceanfront (NRS)

22 Newtown Rd Station / Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek (NRS)

25 (Newtown) Military Circle / Princess Anne (NRS)

26 Lynnhaven Mall / TCC Virginia Beach

27 Pleasure House Road / Military Circle (NRS)

29 (Lynnhaven) Pleasure House Road

33 (General Booth) North Seashore / Municipal Center

36 (Holland) Pembroke East

30, 31, 35 VB Wave Routes
Please note that Route 32 has been eliminated for the up-coming season.

Route 35. Starting May 22, 2017, ride the VB Wave from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to First Landing State Park, the North End beaches, and all the wonderful Bayfront restaurants on Shore Drive. From May 22 through Labor Day, VB Wave shuttles will run every 45 minutes from 8:00 a.m. to Midnight every day. Then from September 8 through October 1, VB Wave shuttle service will run from 8:00 a.m. to Midnight, but only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The MAX Routes

918/919 Virginia Beach to Joint Forces Staff College Norfolk / Naval Station Norfolk

922 Chesapeake-Virginia Beach to Naval Station Norfolk

960 Virginia Beach to Norfolk

966 Silverleaf Park & Ride / Newport News Transit Center

967 Virginia Beach-Chesapeake to Newport News (MHS)