Virginia Beach Routes

• Routes 30, 31, 35:
VB Wave trollies and Bayfront shuttles are easy ways to get around the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Check out schedules, fares, destinations and more.

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Route Connects with Light Rail Station:

  • (NRS) = Route connects The Tide at the Newtown Road light rail station
  • (MHS) = Route connects The Tide at the Military Highway light rail station

Route Location

1 Downtown Norfolk Pembroke East

12 South Norfolk/TCC – Virginia Beach

15 Evelyn Butts to Robert Hall / Greenbrier Mall (MHS)

20 Downtown Norfolk / Virginia Beach Oceanfront (NRS)

22 Newtown Rd Station / Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek (NRS)

25 (Newtown) Military Circle / Princess Anne (NRS)

26 Lynnhaven Mall / TCC Virginia Beach

27 Pleasure House Road / Military Circle (NRS)

29 *(Lynnhaven) Pleasure House Road

33 (General Booth) North Seashore / Municipal Center

30, 31 VB Wave trollies at the Oceanfront

35 *Bayfront shuttles at the Oceanfront

Route 35. Ride the Bayfront shuttle from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to First Landing State Park, the North End beaches, and all the wonderful bay-front restaurants on Shore Drive. From May 20 through Labor Day, Bayfront shuttles will run every 30 minutes from 8:00 a.m. to Midnight every day. Then from September 7 through September 30, Bayfront shuttle service will run from 8:00 a.m. to Midnight, but only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

36 (Holland) Pembroke East

The MAX Routes

919 *Virginia Beach to Joint Forces Staff College Norfolk / Naval Station Norfolk

922 *Chesapeake-Virginia Beach to Naval Station Norfolk

960 Virginia Beach to Norfolk

966 *Silverleaf Park & Ride / Newport News Transit Center

967 *Virginia Beach-Chesapeake to Newport News (MHS)

*Route with changes to stops or schedules starting May 20.