Free Fare on November 2, 2021: Virginia General Election Day
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    Tuesday, November 2, 2021 @ 4:00am
    Free Fare on November 2, 2021: Virginia General Election Day

    During the Virginia General Election Day, on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, Hampton Roads Transit will not collect fares on its bus, light rail, ferry and paratransit vehicles as a public service to the citizens in the region. The fares are being waived to give riders every opportunity to get to the polls to vote.

    Hampton Roads Transit serves six cities in Hampton Roads. To find out what routes service your community, visit To learn where local polling stations are, visit the Virginia Department of Elections here.

    Tuesday, November 2, 2021 @ 12:00am
    Customer Service Temporary Closure

    On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, transit services and transit centers will operate in accordance with their regular schedule.  However, the information booths located in the transit centers will close from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Additionally, the Customer Service Call Center will close from 12 noon until 3:00 PM. The call center’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will be available to provide route and schedule information during this time.

    Sunday, November 14, 2021 @ 5:00am
    November 2021 Service Changes

    On Sunday, November 14, the following changes will be implemented.

    Route 6 South Norfolk

    Route 6 will be extended in Chesapeake to provide a one-seat ride between Summit Pointe in Chesapeake and downtown Norfolk.  Route 6 will no longer deviate onto State Street, Indian River Road, and Main Street, but will instead provide a more streamlined service via Liberty Street. Route 13 will replace Route 6 service along Campostella Road between Atlantic Avenue and Military Highway traveling to Robert Hall.

    After serving Robert Hall, Route 6 will continue down Battlefield Blvd and terminate at Executive Boulevard and Eden Way (Summit Pointe).

    Route 13 Campostella Road

    Route 13 will be realigned to operate via Liberty Street to Border Road to Stalham Road to Fireside Road to Wingfield Avenue to Parkside Drive to Campostella Road to Robert Hall. After serving Robert Hall, Route 13 will continue south on Battlefield Boulevard and terminate at Executive Boulevard and Eden Way (Summit Pointe).

    Service along Bethel Road, Harling Drive, Mayon Drive and Wingfield Avenue will be eliminated to provide more streamlined service on Border Road.  Route 13 will replace service lost by Route 6 along Campostella Road between Atlantic Avenue and Military Highway traveling to Robert Hall.

    Route 14 Battlefield Boulevard

    Route 14 is realigned to cover the eliminated Route 55. Route 14 will serve Robert Hall, Greenbrier Mall, Summit Pointe, and the Chesapeake Municipal Center. The current diversion to River Walk Parkway via Great Bridge Boulevard will be eliminated on Route 14; Great Bridge Boulevard will continue to have service via the realigned Route 58. After serving Robert Hall, Route 14 will serve Military Highway, Old Greenbrier Road, Greenbrier Parkway, Greenbrier Mall, Crossways Boulevard, Eden Way / Executive Boulevard, Volvo Parkway, and Battlefield Boulevard. Route 14 service on Battlefield Boulevard between Robert Hall and Volvo Parkway will be replaced with the extended Routes 6 and 13 service. On the southern end, Route 14 service will terminate at the Municipal Center; service to TCC Chesapeake and Walmart will be provided on the realigned Route 58.


    Route 15 Military Highway

    All trips to Chesapeake will serve Robert Hall only. Route 15 will no longer serve Greenbrier Mall.  The deviation along Azalea Garden and Robinhood Road will be eliminated.  Service will be streamlined along Military Highway.


    Route 20 Virginia Beach Boulevard

    Route 20 will be realigned to serve Newtown Road light rail station via Kempsville Road and Newtown Road instead of going up and down Kempsville Road in both directions.

    Route 21 Little Creek Road

    Route 21 will be modified to operate through Naval Station Norfolk Monday through Friday during AM and PM peak hours only (6AM-9AM & 3PM-6PM).

    Route 24 Kempsville Road

    Schedule adjustments

    Route 55 Greenbrier Circulator

    Route 55 will be eliminated. Its service will be covered by the realigned Route 14, providing more connections to other destinations within Chesapeake. Route 14 will serve Robert Hall, Greenbrier Mall, Summit Pointe, and the Chesapeake Municipal Center.

    Route 58 Bainbridge Boulevard

    Route 58 will continue to serve Liberty Street and Seaboard Avenue, but rather than looping back to Robert Hall, Route 58 will instead continue onto Great Bridge Boulevard, serving the area eliminated from the realigned Route 14, and continue along Cedar Road to serve the Chesapeake Municipal Center, TCC Chesapeake, and Walmart.  Route 58 will not deviate onto River Walk Parkway like the current Route 14 does, but a new stop will be added at the western intersection of the two roads to serve the neighborhood & community center.


    Route 108 Bland Boulevard

    Route 108 will be extended from Patrick Henry Mall to Fishing Point, Christopher Newport University and Riverside Regional Medical Center, providing service to areas along the southern portion of the eliminated Route 116 Monday through Friday


    Route 111 Thomas Nelson

    Service will be extended up Jefferson Avenue to Denbigh Boulevard and terminate on Woodside Lane, covering a portion of the eliminated Route 116. On Sunday, Route 111 will operate the short turn between Denbigh (Woodside Lane) and Berkley Village.


    Route 112 Jefferson Avenue

    Route 112 will be extended to Lee Hall to cover service loss by the elimination of Route 116.  With stops at Newport News Transit Center, Orcutt Avenue/81st Street, Fishing Point, and Patrick Henry Mall. Service to Lee Hall will be provided hourly Monday through Saturday.

    Route 116 Patrick Henry/Lee Hall

    Route 116 will be eliminated. The extended Route 108 will connect Patrick Henry, Fishing Point, Christopher Newport University and Riverside Monday through Friday.  Service on J. Clyde Morris Boulevard west of Jefferson Avenue will also be covered by Route 108. Route 111 will connect Denbigh (Woodside Lane), Patrick Henry and Fishing Point. Service along Jefferson Avenue to Lee Hall will be covered by Route 112.

    MAX Route 960 Norfolk/Virginia Beach

    Route 960 will be realigned to serve Virginia Beach Town Center (Bus Stop # 1243, Columbus & Central Park) and provide service along Pacific Avenue to 32nd Street.  Route 960 fare will be lowered to that of regular fixed-route service.  Route 960 will be reclassified as Limited Stop Commuter Service

    MAX Route 961 Norfolk/Hampton/Newport News

    Route 961 fare will be lowered to that of regular fixed-route service and the route will be reclassified as Limited Stop Commuter Service.

    MAX Route 967 Norfolk/Chesapeake/Newport News

    The 6:08 am trip from Military Highway Light Rail Station to Newport News Shipyard will be eliminated due to low ridership.

    New MAX Route 980 Norfolk/Chesapeake/Suffolk

    Route 980, will provide between Downtown Norfolk Transit Center and the Amazon facility in Chesapeake and Suffolk with stops at County Street and Victory Crossing in Portsmouth. Note: Although this route was scheduled to start Nov 14, it will be delayed until further notice.

    Friday, August 20, 2021 @ 12:00am
    TSA Extends Mask Requirement Through January 18, 2022

    Effective Friday, August 20, 2021, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the federal mandate that requires passengers to wear a face mask on all modes of transit and in transit centers through January 18, 2022.

    Persons must wear properly fitted masks over their mouth and nose. Face shields and goggles may be worn to supplement a mask, but a mask is required. Scarves, ski mask, balaclavas, bandanas, shirt, or sweater collars pulled over the mouth, masks made of loosely woven fabric, masks containing slits, exhalation valves, or masks that do not fit properly are not permitted as substitutes.

    Passengers who do not comply with this order will be denied entry to HRT facilities and the use of HRT modes of transit.

    Passengers claiming exemption from the mask requirement because of a qualifying medical condition are required to present, upon request, an HRT Medical Exemption Card.

    If you choose to apply for a medical exemption card, call ADA-Ride at 1-877-232-7433You will need to have your licensed healthcare professional complete a form and submit it to ADA-Ride.

    You will be issued a confirmation number by ADA-Ride once the data required for your application has been entered. A temporary Medical Exemption Card with the confirmation number will be mailed to you. The temporary Medical Exemption Card will enable you to ride on HRT vehicles or enter HRT facilities for 20 days, or until you have been issued your official Medical Exemption Card…whichever occurs first.

    If approved, you will be contacted by HRT’s Customer Relations Division for an appointment to pick up your official Medical Exemption Card from one of the four transit centers within 10 business days (M-F).

    When boarding or upon request, you must show your Medical Exemption Card to the HRT representative along with a photo ID with the same name displayed on the card.

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