2019-06-18 00:00:00am
    The following departures/trips will not run today, Tuesday, June 18, 2019:

    The following departures/trips will not run today, Tuesday, June 18, 2019:

    Route 1

    Departure            Location

    7:32AM          Joint Expeditionary Base to Norfolk

    9:26AM          Pembroke Mall

    9:30PM          Norfolk Transit

    10:33PM        Joint Expeditionary Base

    Route 2

    Departure            Location

    6:23PM           Norfolk Transit

    Route 6

    Departure        Location
    6:00AM          Norfolk Transit

    6:19AM           Seaboard & Liberty

    7:00AM          Norfolk Transit

    7:19AM           Seaboard & Liberty

    7:30PM          Norfolk Transit

    7:50PM          Seaboard & Liberty

    Route 8

    Departure       Location
    4:05PM         Norfolk Transit

    4:48PM         Evelyn Butts

    11:42PM        Norfolk Transit

    Route 9

    Departure       Location
    4:05PM         Norfolk Transit

    4:48PM         Evelyn Butts

    5:25PM          Norfolk Transit

    6:18PM          Evelyn Butts

    7:31PM          Norfolk Transit

    8:20PM         Evelyn Butts

    9:31PM          Norfolk Transit

    10:20PM       Evelyn Butts

    Route 13

    Departure       Location
    2:54PM        Norfolk Transit

    3:18PM        Seaboard & Liberty

    3:53PM        Norfolk Transit

    4:18PM        Seaboard & Liberty

    4:53PM        Norfolk Transit

    5:18PM        Seaboard & Liberty

    5:55PM        Norfolk Transit

    6:18PM        Seaboard & Liberty

    Route 14

    Departure      Location
    7:17AM        TCC Chesapeake

    Route 15

    Departure         Location
    6:07AM           Military Station to Evelyn Butts

    Route 18

    Departure         Location
    5:44PM           Norfolk Transit

    6:17PM            Hanbury

    6:44PM           Norfolk Transit

    7:14PM            Hanbury

    7:45PM           Norfolk Transit

    8:14PM           Hanbury

    Route 20

    Departure         Location
    5:54AM         Arctic & 19th

    6:07AM        Norfolk Transit

    7:23AM        Pembroke Mall to Norfolk

    8:51AM        Norfolk Transit

    3:36PM        Norfolk Transit

    4:04PM        Norfolk Transit

    4:07PM        19th & Arctic

    4:14PM         Pembroke

    5:14PM         Pembroke

    5:51PM         Norfolk Transit

    Route 21

    Departure         Location

    5:18AM          Evelyn Butts to Navy Exchange

    5:26AM          Navy Exchange

    6:25AM          Navy Exchange to Evelyn Butts

    7:55AM          Navy Exchange

    8:00AM         Ward’s Corner to Navy Exchange

    8:53AM          Navy Exchange

    9:02AM          Joint Expeditionary Base

    10:22AM        Navy Exchange

    2:02PM          Joint Expeditionary Base

    3:18PM           Navy Exchange

    4:31PM          Joint Expeditionary Base

    5:18PM           Navy Exchange

    5:31PM          Joint Expeditionary Base

    5:48PM          Navy Exchange

    6:32PM          Joint Expeditionary Base

    6:41PM          Navy Exchange

    7:04PM          Joint Expeditionary Base

    Route 23

    Departure         Location

    4:20PM          Fort Norfolk

    5:37PM          Military Station

    6:29PM          Fort Norfolk

    6:59PM          Fort Norfolk

    7:37PM          Military Station

    9:00PM         Fort Norfolk

    Route 41

    Departure        Location
    8:03AM         County & Court

    9:03AM        Victory Crossing

    10:03AM       County & Court

    11:03AM       Victory Crossing

    Route 43

    Departure        Location
    2:03PM        County & Court

    2:38PM        Bart Street

    3:03PM       County & Court

    Route 44

    Departure        Location
    11:00AM         Norfolk General

    12:01pm          Starmount

    Route 45

    Departure        Location
    4:19PM        Victory Crossing

    5:23PM       Norfolk Transit

    6:20PM       Victory Crossing

    7:16PM        Norfolk Transit

    8:05PM       TCC Portsmouth

    9:16PM       Norfolk Transit

    10:06PM     TCC Portsmouth

    11:20PM      Norfolk Transit

    Route 47

    Departure                Location
    7:51AM           Village & Academy to Downtown

    4:33PM           County and Court

    5:15PM            Village & Academy

    5:46PM           Village & Academy

    6:18PM            County & Court

    7:02PM           Village & Academy

    7:33PM            County & Court

    8:02PM            Village & Academy

    Route 104

    Departure       Location
    3:15PM       Newport News Transit

    4:00PM      Net Center

    4:45PM      Newport News Transit

    5:30PM      Net Center

    6:15PM       Newport News Transit

    7:00PM      Net Center

    7:45PM       Newport News Transit

    8:15PM       Net Center

    Route 106

    Departure       Location
    4:29PM          6th& Ivy

    6:07PM         Fort Eustis

    7:29PM          6th & Ivy

    9:07PM          Fort Eustis

    Route 107

    Departure       Location
    5:59AM           6th & Ivy

    7:42AM          Patrick Henry Mall

    8:59AM           6th & Ivy

    10:42AM       Patrick Henry Mall

    Route 108

    Departure      Location
    5:55AM         Lee Hall

    5:00PM        Patrick Henry Mall

    6:03PM        Lee Hall

    7:00PM        Patrick Henry Mall

    8:03PM        Lee Hall

    9:00PM        Patrick Henry Mall

    10:03PM      Lee Hall

    Route 112

    Departure         Location
    10:05AM         Net Center to Patrick Henry Mall

    10:45AM         Patrick Henry Mall

    Route 114

    Departure        Location
    8:53AM        Coliseum to Hampton Transit

    9:20AM         Hampton Transit

    Route 116

    Departure           Location
    6:45AM             Riverside Medical

    2:45PM             Riverside Medical

    4:03PM             Lee Hall

    5:45PM             Riverside Medical

    6:03PM            Lee Hall

    7:03PM            Lee Hall

    7:45PM            Riverside Medical

    8:45PM            Riverside Medical

    9:03PM            Lee Hall

    10:03PM          Lee Hall

    10:45PM           Riverside Medical

    2019-06-17 00:00:00am
    Route 102: Executive Drive Detour

    Due to unexpected road closure on Executive Drive, Route 102 outbound will detour.


    Via Cunningham to Sentara
    L- Hartford
    R- Marcella
    Regular Route

    Stops Missed

    2019-05-28 00:00:00am
    Route 35: Fort Story Service Discontinuation

    Effective immediately, the City of Virginia Beach has decided to discontinue service to Fort Story due to traffic safety concerns until further notice. The Route 35 will utilize Shore Drive. Passengers will need to go to stops (6097 ATLANTIC & 81st , 1264 ATLANTIC & 82ND, or 6095 FIRST LANDING ) in order to access the Route 35

    2019-04-22 00:00:00am
    Route 117: Mallory and Williams Stop Closure

    Starting Monday, April 22, 2019, the Route 117 stop, Mallory and Williams(2244), will not be serviced until further notice due to road construction along S. Mallory Street including replacement of existing concrete sidewalks at the bus stop. Passengers will need to board and alight at County & Mallory(2249).

    2019-04-22 00:00:00am
    Route 107: Denbigh Boulevard Bridge Replacement

    Due to the Denbigh Boulevard Bridge Replacement between Warwick Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, effective April 22, 2019 the Route 107 bus stops at Denbigh & Pocahontas will not be serviced. Until further notice passengers will need to board/alight at stops 2684 and 2700 Denbigh and Deloice.

    2019-04-01 00:00:00am
    Route 110: Orcutt Net Center Detour

    Due to street closure, Route 110 will detour when leaving Net Center until further notice.

    Via Net Center Way to TNCC
    Straight on to ThreeChopt Rd
    L- Whealton
    L- Goldsboro
    R- Orcutt
    Regular Route

    Stops Missed

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