Friday, April 22, 2022 @ 12:00am
    Earth Day Multi-Day Pass Replacement

    Customers possessing 7 or 30-Day passes (activated prior to Earth Day) who were unable to use them during the free service on Earth Day will be able to request replacement for the day lost as appropriate.

    Customers seeking the replacement are directed to contact Customer Relations at 757-222-6100 and press or say the option for “Complaints and Concerns”.

    Customers will need to provide the following information.

    1. Type of Fare Card
    2. Date of Activation
    3. Fare Card Serial #
    4. Personal Contact Information

    After a short investigation, customers will be given instructions on how to claim their replacement. Please contact Customer Relations as soon as possible, as this replacement program will only be available until May 22, 2022

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