Student Freedom Pass

Student Freedom Pass
Mr. William Harrell, HRT President & CEO, talks about the benefits of the Student Freedom Pass

The application for the Student Freedom Pass will be temporarily unavailable from Wednesday May 16 until Monday, May 21. In addition during this time-frame no Student Freedom Pass IDs will be issued.


The Student Freedom Pass provides youths ages 13-17 years old with unlimited free rides on Hampton Roads Transit’s service in the cities of Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach. Parents can enjoy the time and money they will save when they stop chauffeuring and leave the safe and reliable driving to Hampton Roads Transit.

HRT uses information provided on the application exclusively to determine an individual’s eligibility for the Student Freedom Pass program. Unless required by law or compelled by court order, HRT does not sell, distribute or otherwise disclose any information obtained during the Student Freedom Pass application process to third parties.

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Apply for your 2018 Student Freedom Pass*

Children ages 13-17 years old can ride free with a Student Freedom Pass or with a fare paying adult.

The cost to replace a lost Student Freedom Pass is $15. Limit one replacement until pass expiration date.

You do not have to be a student to apply.

Many local colleges participate in HRT’s GoPass365 program.
Click here to learn about GoPass365.


  • Go to Google Trip Planner – Fill in your starting and ending destination and the trip planner will identify the location of the closest stop, what time to be at the stop, and which route to take. If you already know which route(s) you want to take, click routes to see maps and arrival times.

  • Go to a Hampton Roads Transit office in Norfolk or Hampton to pick up printed schedules. Each one shows the routes and times the bus reaches key points.

  • Call 757-222-6100 and our customer service staff will help you plan your trip.

  • There are also several third-party apps available such as HRT Bus Finder, that provide schedules and times.

  • Hop on and swipe your card at the fare box. If riding light rail, have fare card ready to present to fare card inspector if requested.


Always stay seated or hold on to handrails when vehicle is in motion.

  • Always wait for bus at designated stops/shelters.

  • Enter through the front door and exit through the back door.

  • Buses are equipped with interior and exterior cameras.

Light Rail
  • Only cross tracks at designated crosswalks after the train has passed.

  • Always stand behind the red rumble strips at stations.

  • Emergency call boxes and cameras are located on each train and at each station.

  • When boarding the ferry, hold on to the handrail and watch your step as you walk over the gangway.

  • Do not sit on the bow or side of the vessel, lean out the windows, or stand on the seats.

  • Ferries are equipped with interior and exterior cameras.


  • Have your fare card ready before boarding

  • Let passengers exit before you board

  • Do not distract the driverInterfering with the safe operation of a transit vehicle could cost everyone’s safety

  • Keep your items in your lapNot in the aisle to allow standing room

  • Offer your seat to an elderly, disabled, or pregnant person

  • Respect those who ride after youKeep your feet off the seat and take litter off vehicle with you

  • Use only G-rated wordsUsing profanity or derogatory statements could cost you your pass

  • No shirt, no shoes – you know the rest…Customers without shirts or shoes will be refused service

  • Groove, jam, or rock out with your headphonesIt’s your own music, don’t share it with others

  • It’s a bus, not a restaurantPlease don’t eat here

  • Don’t invade others personal spaceIt’s creepy

  • Nobody is interested in your phone conversationSave it for when you get off the bus

  • Don’t threaten the operator or another passengerYou could wind up in cuffs

  • Don’t spit or pick your noseIt’s disgusting

  • No smoking! Including e-cigarettesIf you must smoke, leave the bus shelter or platform area

Mr. William Harrell on the benefits of the Student Freedom pass.

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