How To Ride – Rail

Hampton Roads Transit is making it easy for you to ride the Tide. Check out the How to Ride video below or just follow these five simple steps!

1. Plan Your Trip

Google Trip Planner – Enter the origin and destination addresses and receive route instructions. You can also obtain route schedules by visiting any HRT Information Center.

While on our website, determine which GO-pass is best for you. We also have a list of locations where you can go to make your purchase*. Be sure to call ahead to check that the GO-pass you wish to purchase is sold at that location.

Need some help? Give us a call! We’ll assist you right over the phone!

*Passengers with disabilities or Medicare card holders are eligible to ride at a discounted rate when an HRT Discounted Fare ID card, ADA certification card or a valid Medicare card and photo identification is displayed. Children(17 and under with a fare paying adult or with a Student Freedom Pass)may ride for free. Children (17 and under without a fare paying adult or without a Student Freedom Pass) are eligible to ride at a discounted rate when a valid driver’s license, state-issued ID or current school ID with photo is displayed. Seniors (age 65 and over) are eligible to ride at a discounted rate when an HRT Discounted Fare ID card or government issued photo ID card with proof of age is displayed.

2. Go to the nearest train station

There are 11 stations along the Tide’s 7.4-mile route. You can get to any of them by walking, riding your bike or connecting from a bus. If you bike, you can take your bike with you on the train. You can also drive and park your vehicle at one of our four free park-and-ride lots.

You must have a validated fare card before you board the Tide. If you bought your fare card from a vendor, slide it through the validation slot on the ticket vending machine. If you have not purchased a fare card, you may purchase one at the TVM. Fare cards purchased from the TVM do not have to be validated.

The Tide operates on an honor system, so be prepared to show your validated fare card upon request.

3. Board the train

Wait on the platform for the train headed in the direction you would like to go. Signs will tell you which platform is the right one for you. For your own safety, stand behind the textured grey tiles until the train has come to a complete stop. You may board once other passengers have exited the train

4. Enjoy your ride

Take a seat and enjoy the ride! Wheelchair users: there is no need for ramps or lifts, as The Tide features level boarding entrances.

Always remain seated while the train is in motion. Keep strollers and personal items out of the aisles. Remember, there is no smoking, eating, drinking or playing loud music on-board. As a courtesy, please reserve aisle-facing seats for seniors and persons with disabilities.

5. Exit the train

All trains stop at each station, so there is no need to signal the operator. Simply wait until the train doors open at your stop and exit the train.