Why I Ride

Why I Ride

Hampton Roads Transit asked, and riders answered. We fanned out across the region talking with customers. From workers hopping on the light rail to Downtown Norfolk, to families enjoying a ferry ride from Portsmouth to Harbor Park. From visitors at the Oceanfront taking advantage of the VB Wave, to shipyard employees who rely on the bus to get back and forth to work.

While they all have different reasons for why they ride, the overarching message is the same: Hampton Roads Transit provides an essential service to the community.

Here are just some of the reasons why our customer’s ride.

Essential Appointments

Why I Ride: Employment

“I get on the train, I put on a podcast or music, and I can relax going to work.”
-John Cutrone, Virginia Beach resident

“I ride because it’s very quick and I save a lot of time… I just enjoy my ride.”
-Debra Belin, Norfolk Resident

“When you’re riding the bus, you have to walk or ride to the bus stop and that gives you the opportunity to be active every single day.”
– Ben Grau, Newport News Shipyard Engineer

Why I Ride: Entertainment

“We ride it all the time to the game. If we couldn’t ride the ferry… we might not have gone to the game.”
– Martin Bayer, Portsmouth Resident

“It’s such a joy to be able to go from your home in Portsmouth across on the ferry… and not worry about getting stuck in traffic.”
-Dan Mathews, Portsmouth Resident

“The trolley is fun! The kids love it!”
-The Sines Family, visiting from West Virginia-The Sines Family, visiting from West Virginia

Look for more in our Why I Ride series in the coming weeks and learn more about all the ways Hampton Roads Transit provides access to employment, entertainment, essential appointments, and education.