HRT, ERC Partnership

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NORFOLK, VA – Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) and Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) are celebrating 10 years of partnership to improve interconnectivity and offer a toll-free, low-cost, convenient alternatives to driving through the Elizabeth River Tunnels. Since 2013, ERC has provided more than $20 million to enhance, extend and expand HRT bus and ferry services between Norfolk and Portsmouth.

ERC’s annual $2 .3 million contribution has allowed HRT to:

The investment also provides funding for increased frequency of routes 45 and 47 to 15-minute intervals during peak hours.  This service was paused during the pandemic but will resume in 2024.

“We have appreciated the support that ERC gives to HRT to improve service across the Elizabeth River and within the City of Portsmouth,” said William Harrell, president and CEO of HRT.  “Extending service hours is important to our ridership and helps us do our part in making it easier for people to travel between Norfolk and Portsmouth.”

“We are proud to partner with HRT to help further mobility in the Hampton Roads region,” said Anna Bonet, chief executive officer of ERC. “This collaboration is critical to providing commuters with alternatives to crossing the Elizabeth River.”

Hampton Roads Transit’s mission is to connect Hampton Roads with transportation solutions that are reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable.