100 Shelters and Counting

SOURCE: Hampton Roads Transit, September 2022

Hampton Roads Transit announced Friday that it has installed more than 100 bus shelters since February 2021 on its current drive to improve passenger amenities and make the transit experience more comfortable, reliable, and convenient.

The agency’s goal is to have 620 stops with some form of passenger amenity — a shelter, bench and often a combination of the two. All new shelters have solar-powered lights to improve the evening transit experience.

“This is one of our highest priorities, to improve the customer experience. Our customers deserve to be treated with dignity. The goal is to improve the customer experience with newer buses, more shelters and more frequent service where possible.”
William E. Harrell, president and CEO of HRT

Weekly progress is being made with the latest shelter going up at 25th Street and Jefferson Avenue in Newport News.

In October, HRT will launch the first of its planned 757 Express routes, a high-frequency network offering 15-minute service frequency during rush hours on the region’s most popular routes. It will mark the first time the Peninsula will have 15-minute service of any kind.

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