The Tide

The Tide extends 7.4 miles from the Eastern Virginia Medical Center complex east through downtown Norfolk to Newtown Road at the border of Virginia Beach. It is served by 11 stations and four park-and-ride lots. Parking is free. Tickets can be purchased at all ticket vending machines, at select retail outlets, and online.

How to ride The Tide

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Station information.

The Tide Schedule

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From Then Every Until From Then Every Until From Then Every Until
6:00am 15 Minutes 6:30am 6:00am 30 Minutes 9:00am 10:55am 15 Minutes 9:00pm
6:30am 10 Minutes 9:00am 9:00am 15 Minutes 9:30pm
9:00am 15 Minutes 3:30pm 9:30pm 30 Minutes 12:00am
3:30pm 10 Minutes 7:00pm
7:00pm 15 Minutes 10:00pm
10:00pm 30 Minutes 11:00pm
Friday Only
30 Minutes 12:00am

Reading Tide Schedule

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