Safety Training Guide

imageAny individual or group including HRT employees and non-HRT personnel, who need to access the Right-of-Way of the Tide Light Rail System, must successfully complete Track Access Safety Training facilitated by HRT Light Rail Operations. Participants will be tested on all information covered during training sessions and expected to pass all tests with a score of 85% or higher with a one (1) hour time limit. This training includes three levels of Right-of-Way access. Please review the following information to determine which level of training personnel will need:

Track Access Process

All individuals or groups attending Track Access Safety Training will be trained on Track Access Procedures, which includes information on the general qualification and access policy, how to properly complete temporary work permits and the track allocation procedure. Work permits must include a detailed work plan, prints/schematics, list of workers, equipment that will be used, and any lane closures.

Training Level Details

Level 1 Training

Personnel or contractors who require general access to work on the HRT mainline, the yard, or adjacent to the Right-of-Way and who have the potential to impact train operations will need Level 1 training. Such work may include landscaping, track maintenance, traffic signal maintenance, crossing gate maintenance, track inspections or environmental inspections. Most work performed on the HRT Right-of-Way will fall under the Level 1 training.

After successful completion of this training, personnel will be able to perform work within the HRT Right-of-Way. Any work performed within the “Operating Right-of-Way,” which is 12 feet from the center of the running rails of either the designated eastbound track #1 or the designated westbound track #2, will require the assistance of a flag person who has completed Level 1 and 2 training.

Level 2 Training

Personnel or contractors who will set up and provide flagging protection for work crews need Level 2 training. Personnel and contractors will be trained on HRT rules and guidelines for proper flagging procedures, setting up work zones and ensuring the safe passage of trains. Personnel and contractors must also complete Level 1 training prior to receiving the Level 2 training.

After successful completion of this training, personnel/contractors will be able to perform duties as a flag person whose only duty is to check out flagging equipment from our Operations Control Center, conduct an on-site briefing using the On-Site Safety Briefing Form, properly set up work zones in accordance with HRT guidelines, alert work crews when train movement is on approach to ensure personnel and equipment are clear, and provide hand signals to train operators or track equipment operators to ensure the safe passage of trains.

Level 2 trained personnel and contractors will also be able to serve as a Lookout whose sole duty is to look for approaching trains or on-track equipment and provide advanced warning to employees before arrival of trains or on-track equipment.

Level 3 Training

Personnel and contractors who will operate Hi-Rail Vehicles or On-Track Equipment, which is equipment that operates as a rail-borne vehicle, will need Level 3 training. This does not include vehicles that will be operated or stored near the Right-of-Way. Personnel and contractors must also successfully complete Level 1 and Level 2 training prior to receiving Level 3 training.

After successful completion of this training, personnel and contractors will be responsible for setting track switches for intended routes, vehicle inspections that meet HRT requirements, and operating track equipment along the HRT Right-of-Way under control at all times. Operators of all Hi-Rail Vehicles or On-Track Equipment must have their certification/license in addition to their track access qualification card at all times in their possession.

Training Times

The approximate time for each level of training is two (2) hours per session which includes one (1) hour to complete the test which will be given at the conclusion of each level of training.


Participants who successfully complete and pass the required test for each level of Track Access Safety Training, will receive a qualification card that will list their level of qualification. This qualification card must always be in their possession while they are working on or near the Right-of-Way and HRT Facilities. Personnel and contractors who do not have this card in their possession while on the HRT Right-of-Way will be considered trespassers and escorted off HRT property.

HRT Light Rail Operations will contact all individuals who do not successfully pass any level of the Track Access Training to reschedule re-training and testing. Re-testing will be allowed thirty (30) days from initial test date, sixty (60) days from the second retest date and six (6) months from third retest date.

Each month the Training Department will distribute a training schedule of classes for anyone who may need to attend Track Access Training. To schedule yourself or your personnel for Track Access Training, please contact the Light Rail Operations Training Department at (757) 222-6063 or email

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