Adopt-A-Stop Application

Thank you for your interest in making a sustainable contribution to the community.

Before completing this Application, please review the Adopt-A-Stop Terms and Conditions to ensure you and your group will be able to meet all program requirements. If your application is approved, you will be contacted to schedule the installation of the Adopt-A-Stop trash container and sign, and to attend a brief on-site orientation for safety and cleanup instruction, which will be conducted by HRT staff. Following this presentation, you will be permitted to commence cleanup activities.

Please fill out the following required fields:

    Primary Contact Information

    In order to enhance the environment and the appearance of our community, the individual/group requests permission to Adopt-A-Stop from HRT at the following location.


    Please provide below the name of the adopting individual or group exactly as it is to appear on your Adopt-A-Stop sign, including spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Individuals should include first and last names (middle initial or name optional) with suffix, if applicable. Families with the same last name can be written as: Joe and Mary Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Smith, or The Smith Family.

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    Share information about your company or tell us about your organization’s community involvement (up to 200 words).