CANCELLED - Operations and Oversight Committee

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  1. Approval of the April 2023 Operations and Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes
  2. Review Action Items
  3. Audit Update – Malika Blume
  4. Procurement Recommendations to the Committee – Sonya Luther
    1. Contract 22-00213, Private Security Services
    2. Contract 23-00224, Automatic Passenger Counting System
    3. Contract 22-00207, National Transit Database Reporting Software
    4. Contract 22-00204, Oil and Fuel Analysis Services
    5. Contract 23-00237, Provision of Eighteen (18) Non-Revenue Vehicles
  5. Task Orders (for informational purposes only).
    1. Contract 21-00128, Ticket Vending Machines / Odyssey Farebox Systems, Repair Parts, Software / Hardware, and Maintenance Support:
      1. Task Order 9. This Task Order is for Coil Validator Repair. This Task Order is for $175.00 and is funded with operating funds.
      2. Task Order 92. This Task Order is for 14″ Timing Belts; Printer Optical Sensors; Synchronous Belt 175T. This Task order is for $768.10 and is funded with operating funds.
  6. Options to be Exercised July 2023 – SonyaLuther
  7. Upcoming Commission Approvals – Sonya Luther
  8. Operations Update – Benjamin Simms, IV
  9. Old and New Business
  10. Adjournment
Meeting Date

May 11, 2023 10:00am

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