Operations and Oversight Committee

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  1. Approval of the March 2020 Operations and Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes
  2. CARES Act Funding
  3. Review Action Items
  4. Audit Update
  5. Procurement Recommendations to the Committee:
    1. Purchase Order: PO0001501, Automatic Electronic Air Sanitizers
    2. Contract 19-00050R, Elizabeth River Ferry III Welding Repair Services
    3. Purchase Order PO0001208, Emergency Laptop Purchase
    4. Contract 20-00070, Hybrid Bus and Allison Transmission Diagnostics and Repair Services
    5. Contract 20-00064, Light Rail Track Work
    6. Purchase Order PO0001555, Light Rail Vehicle Brake Caliper Overhaul
    7. Contract 19-00054R, Passenger Amenities Pressure Washing and Condition Assessment Services
    8. Contract 19-00057, System Safety Support Services
    9. Contract 20-00063, Vehicle Wash Equipment Maintenance, Inspections and Repair Services
  6. Contract 19-00051, Architectural and Engineering Services
    1. Task Order 4, the Consultant shall provide services in support of Work being performed by both Rail Operations/Systems and Facilities Maintenance Departments. This Task Order is funded with Operating Funds.
    2. Order 5, the Consultant shall develop a structure inspection matrix for facilities and structures owned and maintained by Hampton Roads Transit (HRT). The facilities and structures include, but are not limited to, light rail aerial structures, light rail retaining walls, light rail noise barriers, light rail culverts, bus transfer and parking facilities, light rail park-and-ride facilities, ferry docks, bus and light rail maintenance facilities, and other facilities owned and maintained by HRT. This Task Order is funded with Grant Funds.
    3. Task Order 6, the Consultant shall assist with planning and developing cost estimates for modifications required at all HRT facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This Task Order is funded with Operating Funds.
  7. Options to be Exercised – July
  8. Options to be Exercised – August
  9. Upcoming Contracts for Approval
  10. Operations Update
  11. Transit Strategic Plan Update
  12. Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan
  13. Old and New Business
  14. Adjournment
Meeting Date

May 14, 2020 10:00am

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