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Operations and Oversight Committee

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  1. Approval of the January 2020 Operations and Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes
  2. Review Action Items
  3. Audit Update
  4. Procurement Recommendations to the Committee:
    1. Contract 19-00061, Newport News Transit Center Exterior Site Reconstruction
  5. Notice of Task order for Contract 19-00051, Architectural and Engineering Services, Task Order 1 Under the terms of Task Order 1, the Consultant shall provide services in support of developing the 30-Year Facilities Plan. Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) owns and leases facilities to support transit operations across the region. HRT’s goals in developing the 30-Year Facilities plan are to identify projects and develop strategies for facilities that:
    1. Support the business needs of the agency;
    2. Are healthy, safe and sustainable;
    3. Are used efficiently; and,
    4. Use funding effectively.

    The 30-Year Facilities Plan shall meet a variety of workplace objectives including serving customers more efficiently, reducing HRT’s environmental impact, enhancing environmental sustainability, increasing employee productivity, and making the workplace more adaptable. This Task Order is funded with Grant Funds.

  6. Options to be Exercised May 2020
  7. Upcoming Commission Approvals
  8. Operations Update
  9. Old and New Business
  10. Adjournment
Meeting Date

February 13, 2020 10:00am

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