Fare Change FAQ

Q. What is the reason for the fare increase – HRT just had one in October 2014?
A. This is second phase of the fare increase that was voted on by the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads in July 2014. At that time, a one-way fare was increased from $1.50 to $1.75. With the new fare increase in October, this will now be $2.00.

Q. What bus passes will be eliminated?
A. No bus passes are being eliminated in this phase.

Q. Can I still use my 30 day, seven day, or Max fare card after October 1st?
A. Any passes purchased prior to October 1st are still valid.

Q. The fare for Paratransit was recently increased in October 2016 – are we going to see another increase for this year?
A. No.

Q. For the fare change that was done in October 2014, HRT changed the age from 60 to 65 to qualify for the half fare. Is this going to change?
A. The age requirement will remain the same at age 65. The Half Fare will now be called the “Discounted Fare”.

Q. Who is qualified to use the Discounted Fare?
A. The Discounted Fare is for Seniors age 65 or older; Youth age 17 and under: Medicare cardholder’s or Persons with disabilities. Valid ID required. If you do not have an ID that shows you qualify for the discounted fare, an HRT Discounted Fare ID can be obtained from Customer Service. Please call 222-6100 for more information.

Q. HRT has a Student Freedom Pass for youth 17 and under that allows them to ride for free. Will this still be available and how do I get one for my child?
A. Youth from ages 13-17 can obtain a Student Freedom Pass by registering at GoHRT.com for the pass. The parent or guardian will then need to bring the child with them, along with age verification, to either the Downtown Norfolk Transit Center or the Hampton Transit Center to complete the process by having their picture taken for the Student Freedom Pass. They will be issued to them at that time. Pass is good until December 31, 2017.

Q. Will children age 17 and under still be able to ride for free?
A. Children age 17 and under are still able to ride for free with a fare paying adult.

Q. What is the new fare for the MAX?
A. The regular one way will be $4.00; discounted fare will be $2.00.

Q. Will there be an improvement in service due to higher fare prices?
A. HRT is constantly working to improve service and make our bus system more reliable. We are working to improve our bus fleet and maintenance issues that impact our customers. In order to keep making these and other service improvements, HRT is working with the federal, state and local governments to increase funding for public transportation in our region.

For more information, please call 757-222-6100 • Para más información en español, por favor llame 757-222-6000 Dial 711 for TTY service provided by Virginia Relay. Thank you for riding with Hampton Roads Transit!

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