Naval Station Norfolk Transit Corridor Project

Project Overview & Background

Logo - Naval Station Norfolk Transit Corridor ProjectHampton Roads Transit (HRT), the City of Norfolk, and the Hampton Roads region have identified a need for high capacity transit mobility and connectivity from The Tide light rail system to Naval Station Norfolk.

In 2015, HRT, in partnership with the City of Norfolk, completed the Naval Station Norfolk Transit Extension Study (NSNTES) which functioned as an Alternatives Analysis to look at a wide variety of alignments and technologies throughout the City of Norfolk. As documented in the NSNTES, no consensus was achieved regarding the precise alignment connecting from The Tide to Naval Station Norfolk on the east side of the City. HRT and the City of Norfolk have evaluated initial corridors and development needs within the City, and have determined that a connection along the eastern side of Norfolk would serve this need at a regional level, and would provide for resiliency and redevelopment opportunities to support both the City of Norfolk and the greater Hampton Roads region.

As an outcome of the 2015 NSNTES study and at the request of the FTA, a refined analysis of alignment alternatives on the west side of the City of Norfolk was conducted in order to evaluate the feasibility of high capacity transit. The conclusion of the Norfolk Westside Transit Study was a “No-Build” solution for the west side of the City of Norfolk.

This project will focus on evaluating, and ultimately identifying, a reasonable alternative and fixed guideway mode to implement high capacity transit on the east side of the City that can be advanced as the “Build” Alternative for the DEIS under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The goal of this work is to ultimately advance this project into the FTA Project Development process under the CIG Program.

News Release

HRT Launches Naval Station Norfolk Transit Corridor Project
Planning future transit services to benefit commuters and the community

Norfolk, VA – Hampton Road Transit (HRT) has begun work evaluating future high-capacity transit services for the city’s east side, including service to Naval Station Norfolk.

The project is called the Naval Station Norfolk Transit Corridor Project. It will identify where high-quality transit can best support the Military Highway Retail Corridor and improve community mobility in the corridor leading to the naval base.

Through the preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement, HRT’s goal is to lay the foundation for an innovative transit plan that will qualify for future federal funding.

“Naval Station Norfolk is the largest employer in Hampton Roads and the largest naval complex in the world with more than 60,000 military personnel, civilians and contractors. The project will help advance the city’s mobility and growth strategies, support regional economic development, the revitalization of Military Highway Corridor, provide mobility options for commuters, and support readiness for Navy civilian and military personnel.”

Jamie Jackson, HRT’s project manager

In addition to exploring high-capacity transit options to the Navy station, the study will identify intermediate destinations such as Military Circle Mall and the Norfolk International Airport, connecting these areas to downtown Norfolk via The Tide light rail.

Public input is integral to the project, and HRT and the project team will be conducting extensive community outreach to ensure the public is informed and to gather valuable feedback. Multiple in-person meetings with the general public and area businesses will be held along the project corridor. Initially, a scientific, public opinion survey will also be conducted among residents and members of business and community organizations.

Through a competitive proposal process, HRT retained a team led by two veteran transit planning consulting firms: Michael Baker International and STV Group, Inc. Both are national engineering, design and architecture consulting service firms that specialize in mass transit and complex infrastructure projects. The joint venture will be known as Michael Baker-STV Transit JV.