TRAFFIX is Connecting Businesses to Commuter Solutions

NORFOLK, VA – TRAFFIX Commuter Options, in partnership with Hampton Roads Transit and the Virginia Department of Rail and Transportation, is announcing Connecting Businesses; a month-long campaign to help local businesses bring their employees back to work.

TRAFFIX can assist businesses with solutions to free up parking spaces at congested lots by offering workers information and incentives for using various modes of transportation.

For employees interested in vanpooling, TRAFFIX offers financial assistance with starting and sustaining a vanpool, including a $500 monthly stipend to help cover the cost. Through its partnership with Commute with Enterprise, TRAFFIX can help secure a new or late model van or SUV. Employees interested in carpooling can download and use the ConnectingVA app to find rideshare companions. TRAFFIX can also provide signage and hang tags for businesses who wish to provide preferential parking to carpools and vanpools.

Using transit, biking, and walking are all commuting options. Outreach specialists can teach employees how to use public transit and help to determine the best routes to and from work. Commuters who log their trips in the ConnectingVA app can earn rewards, including a guaranteed ride back to their origin if they need to stay late or leave work early.

Through TRAFFIX, businesses can help employees keep more of their money by taking advantage of GoPass365. This program helps commuters save more than 70% on transit (bus, light rail and ferry) fares each year. Right now, over 20 businesses and colleges in the region are participating in this program.

A dedicated outreach specialist is also available to assist the region’s multiple military installations with commuting options for service members, veterans, contractors, and civilian employees.

To learn more about TRAFFIX Commuter Options and how it can help bring your employees back to the workplace, visit