Norfolk Routes

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Routes 2, 3, 21, 918, 919, 922, and 965 will enter a military base.  A military or contractor ID is required for all passengers before entering a military installation. A security check will take place at the main gate. Failure to comply will result in being denied access to the base.

Route Connects with Light Rail Station:

  • (NSU/BBCS) = Route connects The Tide at the NSU and Ballentine/Broad Creek light rail stations
  • (EVMC/FNS) = Route connects The Tide at the EVMC/Fort Norfolk light rail station
  • (CPS) = Route connects The Tide at the Civic Plaza light rail station
  • (NRS) = Route connects The Tide at the Newtown Road light rail station
  • (MHS) = Route connects The Tide at the Military Highway light rail station
Snow Routes: Peninsula | Southside
Holiday schedules – Bus: 2016-17
Route Location
1 Downtown Norfolk Pembroke East
2 Naval Station Norfolk/Hampton Boulevard (EVMC/FNS)
3 Downtown Norfolk/Naval Station
4 Downtown Norfolk/ODU
5 Willoughby – Evelyn Butts
6 Downtown Norfolk/South Norfolk/Robert Hall Boulevard (CPS)
8 Downtown Norfolk / Evelyn T. Butts Ave
9 Downtown Norfolk/Sewells Point Road (NSUS)
11 Downtown Norfolk/Colonial Place
12 South Norfolk/TCC – Virginia Beach
13 Downtown Norfolk/Robert Hall Boulevard (NSUS)
15 Evelyn Butts to Robert Hall/Greenbrier Mall (MHS)
18 Downtown Norfolk/Ballentine Boulevard (NSU/BBCS)
20 Downtown Norfolk/Virginia Beach Oceanfront (NRS)
21 Little Creek Rd.
22 Newtown Road Station/Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek (NRS)
23 Medical Tower/Military Circle/JANAF (EVMC/FNS)
25 (Newtown) Military Circle/Princess Anne (NRS)
27 Pleasure House Rd./Newtown Road Light Rail Station (NRS)
44 Norfolk General Hospital/Midtown Portsmouth
45 Downtown Norfolk/Portsmouth (CPS)
Elizabeth River Ferry Schedule
The Tide Light Rail Schedule
The MAX Routes
918/919 Virginia Beach to Joint Forces Staff College Norfolk/Naval Station Norfolk
922 Chesapeake-Virginia Beach to Naval Station Norfolk
960 Virginia Beach to Norfolk (CPS)
961 Newport News-Hampton to Norfolk (CPS)
965 Patrick Henry Mall to Naval Station Norfolk
967 Military Hwy Station to Newport News Transit Center

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