Virginia Beach Transit Extension Study


The Virginia Beach Transit Extension Study (VBTES) is a multi‐year study evaluating the range of alternatives for extending The Tide light rail transit east into Virginia Beach. The VBTES Corridor is centered on the former Norfolk Southern railroad right‐of‐way that generally parallels I‐264 in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. This draft environmental impact statement provides a comparative analysis of the benefits and impacts of the alternatives being considered in the VBTES.

The study fulfills the requirements outlined in the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.  It describes the transportation alternatives being considered and evaluates the full range of project-related impacts to the built and natural environments. Potential mitigation strategies were also identified to address impacts resulting from the build alternatives.

The level of impacts associated with the build alternatives were analyzed for a variety of existing conditions in the study corridor and fall under three broad categories: transportation, social effects, and environmental effects. The full range of impacts and mitigation strategies are discussed throughout this document.

Virginia Beach Transit Extension Study