Planning and Development

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Transit Development Plan and Capital Improvement Plan

Hampton Roads Transit annually develops a six-year Transit Development Plan (TDP) and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Since December 1, 2011, the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (VDRPT) requires every public transit agency in the Commonwealth to develop a TDP/CIP. The plans are required to be fiscally constrained based on reasonably anticipated revenues, and include a six-year operations, capital, and financial plan.

While the TDP/CIP reflects fiscal realities and provides a solid foundation for HRT’s funding requests to the state and federal government, it is not a budgeting or programming document. Instead, it provides a blueprint and guidance document for HRT staff to follow over the next six years. Following is the most recent TDP/CIP.

The HRT Chief Planning and Development Officer works with HRT staff to set the level of transit service for the region. Working in coordination with local cities, the Planning Department develops the routes, frequency of service, and location of transit services based on the ability of a city to share in the cost.

Origin and Destination Surveys gather data on the travel behavior of transit users in Hampton Roads. HRT uses this information to fulfill state and federal requirements, improve existing travel demand forecasts, and plan for future growth.

In addition, major development studies and projects to expand bus or rail service or to evaluate its effectiveness are managed within this department. The most current studies and reports are included here.

Origin and Destination Surveys

O&D Surveys related to The Tide Light Rail service

O&D Surveys related to Bus and Ferry service

Other Reports