Save Money on Your Commute to Work, and Start a Vanpool

A vanpool involves 7-15 commuters who use a van owned by a third-party leasing agency or possibly their own. Normally, a vanpool includes:Traffix

  • a vehicle provider or owner, who also handles fee collection
  • a primary driver, who maintains the vehicle and drives most of the time
  • and one or more alternate drivers, who drive the van when the primary driver is ill or on vacation.

The use of the van, as well as maintenance, insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance and toll-free support is also included in the monthly vanpool fee.

The Benefits and Advantages of Vanpooling:

  • You pay less in yearly commuting costs
  • You extend the life of your personal vehicle
  • You save time by traveling in HOV lanes
  • You lower commuting stress
  • You reduce traffic and pollution
  • You reduce the need for parking spaces
  • You get rewarded with TRAFFIX Rewards, our incentive program
  • You can enroll in TRAFFIX’s Guaranteed Ride Program from emergencies
  • You qualify to receive a lease fare subsidy up to $325 per month
  • You are eligible for additional savings with our Van Start/Van Save Assistance Program

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If you’re looking to start a vanpool, join one, or need help filling empty seats, contact TRAFFIX at (800) 700-7433.