Guaranteed Ride

TraffixThe number one reason commuters give for not sharing the ride to work is fear of being stranded. With the Guaranteed Ride Program, that excuse is no longer valid.

What is the Guaranteed Ride Program (GRP)?

GRP provides commuters who get to and from work by means other than driving alone (i.e. carpool, vanpool) with a ride back to their point of origin when an emergency or unplanned circumstances arises after arriving to work.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Program you must share the ride to work at least three times a week and live or work in Hampton Roads. (restrictions applies)*

Qualifying modes: Carpool, vanpool, bike (during adverse weather only), and the ferry (when it’s unavailable). Also if you take the HRT MAX bus routes 64, 121,918,919, 922, 965, and 967.

Point of origin: Where the commuter originated from (i.e. Park & Ride lot, carpool meeting place, or home, only if it is where you were picked up from).

Emergencies: Onset of illness while at work, unexpected schedule changes, emergency at home or your child’s school, and unscheduled doctor’s appointment due to illness of the job.

Is there a cost involved to participate in the GRP?

Registration is free for anyone who lives or works (restrictions applies)* in Hampton Roads and utilizes alternative modes of transportation. If a taxi is dispatched on your behalf, you pay the cab driver only $5. The TRAFFIX Program will cover the rest of the cost.

Registration is Free
To register, complete the Guaranteed Ride online registration form or call 800.700.RIDE (7433)

How do I arrange a trip when an emergency arises?

To arrange a ride back to your point of origin, call 800.700.RIDE (7433) between the following times:

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
For after hour services up to 9 p. m. call 757-222-6080.
No service will be provide on weekends or federal holidays.

A representative will ask you qualifying questions, and then dispatch a cab to your worksite.

What information is required from the passenger when requesting a guaranteed ride?

Each passenger should provide their name, phone number, emergency, origin, destination, and mode of transportation.

How many times can I use the GRP service?

You can utilize the Guaranteed Ride service up to two (2) times per month not to exceed 6 times a year.

Can more than one person ride in the same cab?

Yes, if both parties are registered with GRP, each rider pays $5 and the ride is counted toward the maximum rides per month for each rider.

*No service will be provided to distances beyond 70 miles for those who live outside of Hampton Roads but work in Hampton Roads.