Employers / Military Commands

TraffixWhen your employees experience the frustration of driving to work alone, your company/command may suffer. Listed below are a few examples of how employees driving to work in congestion could affect your bottom line:

  • Frequent tardiness – sitting in traffic can cause your employees to miss important deadlines and meetings
  • Decrease in productivity – many employees need time to decompress and regain focus after a stressful commute to work.
  • Low employee morale – when an employee arrives to work stressed out, it can distract other employees from their work and also affect their attitude. Also, the cost of driving along can cause stress, especially for entry level employees.
  • Higher turnover – many qualified workers don’t have reliable transportation if the commute to your place of work is undesirable; it can be more difficult to recruit and retain employees.

The good news

The good news is that TRAFFIX staff can help you develop a program that is at NO cost to your company or command. TRAFFIX staff can assist in designing a transportation program for you and your employees by:

  • Meeting with a company representative to discuss various options the TRAFFIX program has to offer their employees and determine company/command needs, and appoint an employee to serve as a. liaison between TRAFFIX staff and company/command
  • Working with your company/command coordinator to develop a survey (electronic or hard copy) to determine current employee commute habits and what incentives would encourage them to try a transportation alternative.
  • Allowing TRAFFIX staff to provide presentations to employees to discuss transportation alternatives.
  • TRAFFIX staff will monitor and evaluate your program

What can an employer or command offer to their employees to use a transportation alternative? Listed below are just a few incentives:

  • Provide dedicated parking spaces for those carpooling and vanpooling
  • Provide a pre-tax incentive for those using mass transit (bus, ferry, light rail, vanpool)
  • Establish a teleworking program
  • Participate in HRT’s Go365Pass Program
  • Offer flex-time or compressed work weeks
  • Provide bike racks for those bicycling to work

TRAFFIX programs and services offered to employers and commands.

  • Guaranteed Ride Program for those experiencing an emergency while at work
  • Van leasing
  • Establishment of teleworking programs
  • Onsite Presentations; new hire orientations
  • Develop employee survey specially for your company/command needs; provide results, recommendations; implement programs
  • Provide bike racks for employees biking to work