TraffixTRAFFIX is a cooperative public service designed to promote and implement transportation alternatives. TRAFFIX was established in 1995 as a state funded transportation Demand Management Program (TDM) designed to assist with the states’ effort to decrease traffic congestion during peak travel times.

TRAFFIX was established in 1995. Staff works with area employers to develop and implement transportation programs for their employees, assists in the development of dedicated park & ride lots such as the Park & Sail location in Portsmouth, and obtained funding to establish express bus service to Naval Station Norfolk, Smithfield and Williamsburg.

Mission Statement

To assist in the continued efforts to decrease traffic congestion in southeastern Virginia by reducing the number of Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOV’s) commuting to work by encouraging the usage of HOV lanes through ridesharing and by encouraging the usage of alternatives to driving such as public transportation, teleworking, biking and walking