The MAX, or Metro Area Express, is a regional express service connecting commuters to cities across Hampton Roads. It offers an economical, stress-free, fast ride to work. Choose MAX and spend less on gas, help the environment, and make your commute the best part of your day.

Convenience is just around the corner

Park your vehicle at one of the convenient Park and Ride facilities throughout Hampton Roads. Service includes connections between the Southside and Peninsula, as well as connections to major employment destinations, such as Naval Station Norfolk and Northrop Grumman in Newport News.

Surf the web as you ride MAX!

The MAX offers free WiFi with any laptop or personal digital assistant.

Connecting is easy. Double-click your web browser icon. Then, click where it says “Click here to continue.” Once you get to the page that says “You are now connected to the Internet,” you are ready to go.

Guaranteed Ride Program

Sign up for the Guaranteed Ride Program, a service provided by the TRAFFIX division of Hampton Roads Transit.This program provides a reliable ride back to your point of origin in case you have to work late, leave early or have an emergency and are unable to catch the MAX. Some restrictions may apply.

For more information about The MAX, contact Customer Service.