Newport News Transit Center: Information Booth Early Closure
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Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads

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  • Call to Order & Roll Call
  • Public Comments
  • Approval of August 23, 2018 Meeting Minutes
  • President’s Monthly Report – William Harrell
    • Board Updates
  • Committee Reports
    • Audit & Budget Review Committee – Commissioner Hunter/Conner Burns, Chief Financial Officer
      • August 2018 Financial Report
    • Operations & Oversight Committee – Commissioner Parnell/Sonya Luther, Director of Procurement

      Pending Operations & Oversight Committee Approval
      • Contract No: 18-78355 – Peninsula Bus Rapid Transit Document Categorical Exclusion

        Recommending Commission Approval: Award of a contract to KimleyHorn and Associates, Inc. to perform a Peninsula bus rapid transit documented categorial exclusion in the not-to-exceed amount of $1,390,391.00.
      • Purchase Order No. 78362 – Light Rail Vehicle State of Good Repair Equipment

        Recommending Commission Approval: Award of Purchase Order to Siemens Industry, Inc. to provide new horizontal dampers, suspension chevrons and spherical mount bearings for the State of Good Repair maintenance of HRT’s LRVs in the total amount of $436,132.00.
    • Planning and New Starts Development Committee – Commissioner Wood
    • External/Legislative Advisory Committee – Commissioner Kanoyton
    • Management/Financial Advisory Committee – Brian DeProfio/Conner Burns, Chief Financial Officer
    • Paratransit Advisory Subcommittee – Ms. Janice Taylor, Chair
    • Transit Ridership Advisory Sub-Committee – Ms. Doris Johnson, Chair
  • Old and New Business
    • Title VI Service Changes presentation
    • Resolution 06 – 2018 Title VI Equity Analyses for Proposed Major Service Changes – October 2018
  • Comments by Commission Members
  • Closed Session (as necessary)
  • Adjournment
Meeting Date

September 27, 2018 1:00pm