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Operations and Oversight Committee

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  1. Approval of the February 2020 Operations and Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes
  2. Review Action Items
  3. Audit Update
  4. Procurement Recommendations to the Committee:
    1. Contract 19-00059, General Planning Consultant
    2. Contract 20-00068, Seven (7) 35’ Low Floor Diesel Buses
    3. Contract 20-00067, Thirteen (13) 40’ Low Floor Diesel Buses
    4. Contract 20-00069, Thirty (30) 29’ Low Floor Diesel Buses
  5. Contract 19-00051, Architectural and Engineering Services,
    1. Task Order 2, the Consultant shall provide services in support of developing the Norfolk Tide Facility Service Road Storm Water Pond Topographic Survey and Preliminary Stabilization Plan. The preliminary plan will demonstrate a preliminary mitigation solution. This Task Order is funded with Operating Funds.
    2. Task Order 3, the Consultant shall provide services in support of developing planning level site plans to address Americans with Disabilities accessible sops within HRT’s service area. This Task Order is funded with Grant Funds.
  6. Options to be Exercised June 2020
  7. Upcoming Commission Approvals
  8. Operations Update
  9. Old and New Business
  10. Adjournment
Meeting Date

March 12, 2020 10:00am

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