Violating Homeland Security Rules

  • Placing any obstruction or barrier on Light Rail guideways, doors or tracks.
  • Making a false report of conduct on, the operation of, or a threat concerning any part of HRT’s transit system.
  • Illegally operating transit equipment that is not intended for public use, or when it is not necessary in an emergency situation.
  • Taking still, sound or motion picture recordings for commercial, training or educational purposes (exception of news coverage), without prior written authorization by HRT.
  • Posting any advertisements, literature, signs, handouts, drawings or pictures without written authorization by HRT.
  • Abandoning any vehicle or personal property on any part of the transit system.
  • Entering the train attendant cab of any Light Rail vehicle without authorization.
  • Crossing the yellow safety line while the bus is in motion, or while standing on the Light Rail station platforms.
  • Trespassing on the transit system or entering any restricted area.