Ferry Safety Tips

While waiting for a ferry…

  • Don’t rush – be ready to board at least five minutes before departure.
  • Riding bikes, skateboards or rollerblades on the ferry is prohibited.
  • Don’t climb on or over railings or the structures.
  • Don’t move or play with gangways is the ramp or walkway that is used by patrons to get on and off the ferry.
  • Hold onto children; do not allow them to run or play on the dock area.
  • If you are travelling at night, stay in well-lit areas and stay in sight of incoming vessels.

While moving on and off the pier and the ferry…

  • Stand back and allow passengers to get off before you board. The deckhand holding the gangway will let you know when it is safe to board.
  • Hold onto the handrail and watch your footing as you walk over the gangway.
  • Don’t board or disembark while on your mobile phone.
  • Supervise young children – hold their hand or guide them to use the handrail.
  • Allow passengers who are elderly, travelling with caregivers, mobility aids, or assistance animals to board in front of you and give them space and time to board and disembark safely and comfortably.

Safety tips on board the ferry…

  • Stow luggage away from aisles, steps, gangways and walkways.
  • Ask the crew where to stow large items. You must stay with your belongings during the journey.
  • Remain seated – the vessel can move and sway if water conditions change.
  • Supervise children on board – the safest place for them is seated beside you.
  • Do not sit on the bow or the side of the vessel, lean out of the windows, stand on seats or sit children on the rails or on your shoulders.
  • Protect your belongings from sea spray if sitting outdoors.
  • Riding bikes, skateboards or rollerblades on the ferry is prohibited.
  • Secure your bicycles in hanging bike racks or hold onto your bike.
  • Take a minute when you board to locate the exits and life jackets.
  • If you see someone in the water requiring assistance, immediately advise a deckhand and/or captain.