Ray Amoruso

Ray AmorusoRay Amoruso is the Chief Planning and Development Officer.

He oversees a department responsible for the planning and scheduling of transit services, and the long-range development of high-capacity systems such as light rail and bus rapid transit. The planning department also works continuously to refine the agency’s local and express bus services as customer demand evolves.

Amoruso’s portfolio also includes the Customer Relations, Business Development, and the Advertising and Sales departments. Data such as boardings and other performance metrics are collected by bus, light rail, paratransit, and ferry services and sent by the department to the National Transit Database.

Amoruso is currently the agency lead for the Regional Transit Program which includes implementation of the Regional Backbone Network. He also helps develop the Transit Strategic Plan and the Capital Improvement Program. He has been with Hampton Roads Transit since 2009.

Amoruso has over 36 years of public transportation experience in the public and private sectors. His extensive work resume specializes in transit planning for projects in New York City, Denver, Atlanta, Portland, Newark, Detroit, San Diego.

Amoruso graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a degree in Urban Studies & Urban Planning.