Action Items List

The consolidated, condensed list of SCIC Action Items are outlined below. More detailed information, when available, is maintained within the Meeting Minutes records.


Assigned Due Responsible Party Description Outcome / Update
4/11/2019 5/28/2019 Gene Cavasos Announce the formation of the SCIC at the Transportation Innovation Forum


Assigned Due Responsible Party Description Outcome / Update
3/7/2019 6/3/2019 Alesia Cain Attend and report on the May 2019 National Transit Mobility Conference
3/7/2019 5/20/2019 Brian Smith Publicize registration information for the upcoming (May 28 & 29) Virginia Transit Association (VTA) Conference that will cover the transformations happening in transit
3/7/2019 5/20/2019 Gene Cavasos Develop press release(s) to inform about the existence and efforts of the SCIC


Assigned Due Responsible Party Description Outcome / Update
3/8/2019 Working Group Leads Working Group leads meet and report up at SCIC meetings. The first working groups will be Data & Analytics, Farebox Collection and First Mile/Last Mile Break-out session summaries to be sent to Shelia ( for inclusion in Minutes
3/7/2019 Ron Hodges Identify military liaisons via Traffix Emily Cass is Traffix military liaison. Will identify names of military POCs at each installation, including Norfolk Naval Shipyard


Assigned Due Responsible Party Description Outcome / UpdateCompleted
3/7/2019 4/11/2019 Commissioner McClellan Provide revised SCIC Mission Statement Reviewed, revised and approved4/11/2019
3/7/2019 Commissioner McClellan Reach out to ODU to discuss internship possibilities Internship program to be considered next school year4/11/2019
3/7/2019 Kamlesh Chowdhary Send TransitMaster Upgrade RFP to Kevin Curry Sent via email4/11/2019
3/8/2019 4/8/2019 Alesia Cain Develop email distribution list for SCIC Completed (
3/8/2019 3/29/2019 Alesia Cain Committee adoption and bylaws amendment review (Robert Taylor) Completed and adopted3/28/2019
3/7/2019 4/8/2019 Alesia Cain Transportation to/from SCIC meetings for Janice Taylor (follow up w/Keith Johnson) Verified4/5/2019
3/8/2019 3/15/2019 Alesia Cain Commissioner payments - per diem list (email to Finance) Completed3/9/2019