Alesia Cain

AKCainAlesia Cain is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Hampton Roads Transit (HRT). Ms. Cain is responsible for developing the overall technology vision for the company, driving cross-company technology initiatives and collaboration, and overseeing HRT’s Technology Department. The organizations within the Technology Department include Network Services, Helpdesk and Desktop support, Telecommunications, Technology Project and Application Administration, PeopleSoft Technical Support, Web and Database Support and IT Security.

Ms. Cain has over 25 years of technology experience. She has been employed at HRT for more than 12 years. Prior to transitioning to the position of CTO, Ms. Cain has served several roles within the agency transitioning from Database Manager to Applications Manager to Information Technology Officer. Under Ms. Cain’s leadership, the Technology Department achieved multiple successes in driving several major infrastructure and enterprise technology system projects that have helped to improve the agencies efficiencies by introducing automation and better management of business processes. An IT Security Office was implemented and frameworks for governance, compliance, technical controls and monitoring were developed. IT Risk Management systems are now in place and the first-ever IT Risk Assessment was performed and found that HRT’s systems are generally equal-to or exceed peer groups.

Prior to joining HRT, Ms. Cain was a successful Engineering Database Manager at an Internet startup company in Northern Virginia, an independent consultant for the U.S. Naval Academy’s Administration Department performing development on their data warehouse, and a successful Project Manager and Telecommunications consultant stationed at the Pentagon for Potomac Systems Engineering in Northern Virginia. Ms. Cain’s early career included programming, systems analysis, and system modeling on several DOD contracts.

Ms. Cain received her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park.