Transit Development Plan

Hampton Roads Transit has begun work on its Transit Development Plan (TDP), a ten-year plan for improving transit service. Since December 1, 2011, the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation requires every public transit agency in the Commonwealth to develop one.

The plans must be “fiscally constrained,” meaning they are based on reasonably anticipated revenues, and include a ten-year operations, capital, and financial component.

The TDP will outline existing transit service, plan for service enhancements and future service in the region and provided a solid foundation for HRT’s future funding requests to the state and federal governments. It is not a budgeting or programming document. Instead, it provides a blueprint and guidance for HRT to follow over the next ten years.

Highlights from recent public outreach

  • Starting the week of March 23, 2017, HRT began a print and digital public outreach campaign to promote the TDP effort and the various methods of public engagement, including upcoming focus groups.
  • The HRT website prominently featured the TDP webpage, and the focus group sign up survey. Over the course of the campaign the website received an additional 474 website hits, with 236 unique views and 265 visitors from social media or another external link. There was a significant spike in engagement on April 4 in correspondence with pop up event promotion and social media postings. Two Facebook posts yielded significant interactions: 1,500 views for the March 28 launch post, and 2,100 for the April 5 survey closeout post.
  • A campaign focused postcard was distributed at eight major locations across the region and distributed to partnering locations and community meetings in the region. A total of 3,344 postcards were distributed via eight pop up events (2,544 postcards distributed) and 18 collateral drop off locations (800 postcards dropped off).
  • The postcard distribution resulted in 200 completed surveys, indicating interest in focus group participation.

Join in. Help shape the future of transportation in Hampton Roads.