Rail Safety Week

September 21-27, 2020

The Tide began service in Norfolk on August 19, 2011 – there was lots of celebrating this new mode of public transit and many people came to ride and enjoy!

Did you know that prior to opening day, Hampton Roads Transit staff in partnership with Operation Lifesaver, created a Safety Program to educate people in our community on how to stay safe when near the trains or crossing the tracks at all intersections?

The Tide Safety Outreach began in 2010 with teaching tools, videos and public safety information to people of all ages, especially in our local schools, colleges and universities, businesses and people who live and work in the Downtown Norfolk area. The Safety education was important and is still used today to make sure people are always aware of safety guidelines when crossing the tracks.

This year we would like to recognize our Rail Operations staff for their diligence in making sure they are operating The Tide safely, performing regular maintenance to the tracks, overhead catenary wires and electrical power boxes and always keeping a watchful eye on operations from the Operations Control Center!

Hampton Roads Transit has one of the safest light rail systems in the United States! Let’s keep up the great work Hampton Roads!!!