TraffixCarpooling is when two or more persons ride together to work, travel or events for convenience and savings


  • Sharing the ride with just one other person saves you money
  • As you are not always the driver, carpooling gives you extra time to read the paper or make some pre-work phone calls
  • Carpooling enables you to use the HOV-2 lanes
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, carpools release 65% less smog-causing hydrocarbons than single passenger vehicles

How To Start Carpooling

NuRide can help you find neighbors, colleagues and friends who are going your way. Just visit to conduct a free carpool match anytime. NuRide is free to use, and you earn points for trips that are recorded on the NuRide website. Redeem points for restaurant coupons, retailer discounts, and tickets to shows and attractions.