How To Ride – Bus

Planning your trip — three methods

  1. Let Google plan your trip online. At, click on “Trip Planner” and fill in your starting and ending place.
  2. Plan your own trip online — If you already know which route(s) you will ride. At, click “Routes”.
  3. Pick up route maps in the lobby of HRT offices in Norfolk or Hampton; each one shows the route and the times the bus reaches key points.

Paying for your ride

  • If you are going to pay as you ride, have ready $1.75 (in correct change) every time you board.
  • If you’ll ride more than twice on one day, it’s cheaper to buy a Go-1-Day Pass for $4.00. On your first ride of the day, buy your card from the machine (on the bus or the ferry or the light rail platform). Be sure to have correct change.
  • If you have a valid Pass (Go-1-Day or Go-30-Day or Go-365), be ready to use it every time you board the bus, ferry or light rail.

* Persons with disabilities or Medicare cardholders pay less for any fare or pass.  Youth may also pay less than full fare on certain services.  Have an ID ready, and ask before you pay. *

What you can do on the bus

  • Use your cell phone — chat quietly, send messages, check the weather or the bus schedules…
  • Read – the paper, a book, a magazine…
  • Talk to other passengers — broaden your horizons…
  • Watch the scenery
  • Sleep

(Note: Eating and drinking are not allowed.)

If you are not sure what to do next, or if you need advice about ferries, light rail, buses, or MAX express buses

  • Ask the drivers – they know quite a bit about the system