HRT Public Records

Public agencies have a duty and responsibility to make public records available. HRT understands that responsibility. These public records pages contain records and information pertaining to what we do at HRT with public money. We will regularly add to this list of records. We encourage you to come here frequently. Simply click on the selections on the right sidebar to search our records. If you do not see information you’re looking for, please contact the Marketing and Communications Department at 222-6183.

FOIA Policy

As a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Hampton Roads Transit is a public agency that strives to keep the public informed about its work. The Virginia Freedom of Information Act is an important tool for citizens to obtain information about the affairs of government. HRT’s policy, which is based on one developed by the Virginia Attorney General’s office, is listed here. It spells out in clear language how the law works and what your rights and responsibilities are, as well as those of HRT. If you want information about HRT, try calling first. You can  usually get what you want that way. But there is always the freedom of information act. Click here to view the FOIA Policy (pdf)