Rules of Etiquette

For the comfort and safety of all passengers

  1. Have fare ready for payment when boarding the bus.
  2. Let other passengers get off before you get on.
  3. Respect priority seating areas for seniors and persons with disabilities.
  4. Keep the aisles clear. Hold your things in your lap or put them under the seat.
  5. Do not eat, drink, or smoke on the bus or train.
  6. Be sure to use earphones when using audio or video devices.
  7. Cell phones – talk quietly, please.
  8. Avoid spreading germs by covering a sneeze or cough.
  9. Trash – put it in the bag on board or take it with you when you leave.
  10. Only service animals are welcome
  11. Watch your language. Children may be listening.
  12. To allow for faster boarding, please exit through the door closest to you.

Brought to you by the HRT Transit Riders’ Advisory Committee.